Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Deploy custom BDC model to specific BCS Service / BDC service

SharePoint 2010 Central admin - create new web application screen throws 404 error

We faced this issue today after completing SharePoint 2010 installation on windows 7 machine.

After debugging we found that we were facing this because of Office 2013 installation on system.

So after uninstalling office 2013 the screens started working. :)

SharePoint 2010 central admin showing blank page

One of my team mate faced this issue few days back, After installing SharePoint 2010 when he tried to open central admin he got blank page.

We checked for all app pools and services but everything were fine, But after some googling we found solution that:

He forgotten to tick the Windows Authentication box when installing the IIS7 features. So:

Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off >Internet Information Services > World Wide Web Services > Security >tick ‘Windows Authentication’

After doing this our central admin was working as expected

SPDisposeCheck xsl for viewing xml output

XML Structure we get after running SPDisposeCheck command line:

After applying XSL:

How to get this:

SPDisposeCheck codes (Problem ID) table


Run SPDisposeCheck command line SharePoint

1. Run cmd as administrator
2. Navigate to SPDisposeCheck install path i.e. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\SharePoint Dispose Check"
3. Run this single command for XML Output i.e.

SPDisposeCheck.exe “C:\FolderPath\Solution.dll” -xml “C:\FolderPath\output.xml“

You can find xml file at specified path.

Event Receivers vs Workflows SharePoint 2010

Event Receivers
Can execute either before or after the operation
Always executes after the operation
Can cancel the operation
Cannot cancel the operation as the item will have already been created
Cannot be launched manually by the user
Can be started manually by the user
Not designed for user interaction
Specifically designed for user interaction
Can execute in response to many different actions, including deletes
Can only execute in response to one of four events – Manual, an item being created, an item being edited, and an item being submitted for approval
Must be created in Visual Studio
Can be created with Visual Studio, Visio or SharePoint Designer

Workflows are mostly used for business process implementation and Event receivers are mostly used for one time activity based on trigger.

What is difference between Event Handler and Event receiver in SharePoint (Event Handler vs Event Receiver in SharePoint)

The below image answers the questions :

According to lot of articles on internet Event handler and Event Receiver are same. In SP2003 it was called as event handler and SP2010 it is called as Event Receiver.

But as per my understanding individual overridden method are called Event Handler and whole class is called Event receiver.

Comment out your thoughts on this.

SharePoint document metadata not updating

I faced a weird issue today, Metadata for document which has lookup column was not updating even after saving the item. There was no erro...